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Bobak Place Residences
2014 Development Award - City of Fredericton
Idealy located within walking distance of "Sobeys" grocery store, "West Hills Golf Club", and "Killarney Lake Park" these condominiums incude 1-storey suites with upper level lofts, attached garages, private driveways, and 2-bedrooms on the main floor.  These suites also include  R-2000 certification, heat pump central air system (heat and cooling), engineered sound walls, partially covered private rear decks, and front yard patios.  Phase I is sold out.  Phase II construction will start this spring 2017.  Due to the limited availability please call Scott or Darren to secure your unit with a deposit.   
Ammenities include heated tile floors in the ensuite, custom shower room with rain and body showers, granite countertops, natural light tunnels for laundry room, fully insulated basements, high-end fixtures and flooring etc.  We also have heat pump powered hot water heaters owned by you... NO monthly rental charges by NB Power.  The cabinetry is solid wood with granite counter tops.
The entire property and ALL suites are serviced underground for utilities.  No aerial wires to look at!  So if you are looking for certified quality construction from a proven developer/builder then look no further.  Bobak Place Residences Townhomes is your final destination. 
Certified R-2000 means independantly tested and inspected.  Suites built to this standard are highest quality construction with an Energuide rating of 87/100 or higher.  The NRCAN website states the following...
   "R-2000 is simply a better home. R-2000-certified new homes are best-in-class energy-efficient homes that include high levels of insulation, clean air features and measures to help protect the  environment. This translates into energy savings, increased comfort, and a healthier environment for the homeowner."
In addition to the R-2000 technical standards, these suites are constructed to Hill Bros. highest standards with over 60 years experience, Fredericton's oldest builder still in existence today.    
These condominiums are registered in accordance with the Condominium Property Act of New Brunswick.  The condominium association has set the monthly fees each year that include operating expenses plus a reserve fund fee.  The reserve fund fee is for all future substantial repairs and replacements.  Current monthly fees are running less than $200.  Properly managed condominium fees maintain the value of your investment and guarantee all future repairs.  This is also a great selling feature for you should you decide to sell in the future as the next owner will NOT incur any repair costs.  No repair issues translates to higher value for you and most likely an easier selling experience.  Think of it like an investment for the future!
Civic #19 Camden Lane SOLD     
Civic #21 Camden Lane  
Civic #23 Camden Lane     
Civic #25 Camden Lane 
Civic #27 Camden Lane  
Civic #29 Camden Lane    
Civic #31 Camden Lane    
Civic #33 Camden Lane    
NOTE: Civic #3 thru 17 are SOLD.
Click Condominium Documents for association documents.  Click Floor Plans or Site Plan for the latest plans.
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